experience is the father of wisdom

experience is the father of wisdom
Cf. ALCMAN Fragments cxxv. (Page) πῆρά τοι μαθήσιος ἀρχά, experience is the beginning of knowledge.

1539 R. TAVERNER Garden of Wisdom II. 24v This be commonly true, for experience is mother of prudence, yet suche prudence & wysedom cost the comon weale moch.

a 1547 E. HALL Chronicle (1548) Rich. III 31 He by the longe and often alternate proof..had gotten by greate experience the very mother and mastres of wisedome.

1581 G. PETTIE tr. S. Guazzo’s Civil Conversation I. 11 Experience is the father of wisedom, and memorie the mother.

1788 American Museum III. 183 If it be true, that experience is the mother of wisdom, history must be an improving teacher.

1981 P. O’DONNELL Xanadu Talisman ii. Experience is the father of wisdom, remember.

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